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Be a part of an exciting team dedicated to leading a revolution in blockchain technology.

At Lambda256, our people is our greatest asset – we prioritize hiring great talent above all others. With the fading fever for cryptocurrency, interest in blockchain technology has also waned. This is an expected outcome, and a very natural process for blockchain technology to become truly mainstream. Companies that grow through this period may become the heroes of the future. The management team of Lambda256 has a breadth of similar experience dating back to the dot-com bubble, and have the resources and experience to brave through it. Taking on challenges and learning form the foundation of our culture: and we want to hire good talent who value this mission.

Jay Park

Lambda256 CEO

Korea's only global blockchain Unicorn, Lambda256

Lambda256 is a technology-oriented company that aims to popularize the most challenging technologies in current IT industries, such as cloud, big data, and AI, all under the umbrella of blockchain. Over 100 destinations are using our commercialized Luniverse BaaS service, with our own mainnet and sidechain based on the cloud.

In addition, we are commercializing intelligent loyalty/point services and next-generation DID that combines big data and artificial intelligence technologies with blockchain.

Take on a new adventure

In terms of R&D, we are working with major government agencies to detect abnormal transactions including transaction data of the block chain, and to solve the problems of the blockchain mainnets that are siloed. This year, we were selected as a high-growth company by the Ministry of Science and ICT, successfully closed our Series A investments from leading VCs, receiving wide recognitions for the company’s stability and vision.

Lambda256 started as a blockchain cloud service in 2019 and continued to expand its services to Smart DID and Smart Loyalty/Point markets in 2020, and will grow into a global service provider of various blockchain-based cloud services in 2021.
In addition, we are also preparing to advance into Southeast Asia and North America, which will serve as a good foundation for those who want to work in a global environment.

Financial stability
and benefits

We understand that salary and welfare are two very important factors when choosing a job. Lambda256 provides high-level salaries for the industry, as well as providing stock options to share the vision of the company’s growth with our employees.

In the case of current stock options, the market value confirmed through the series A attraction is significantly greater than the granted value, so we are prepared to generate stable profits along with the company’s growth. In addition to basic welfare such as the four major insurances and medical insurance, we provide health packages, loss insurance, and travel packages to protect the health of leisure activities and family members.

Transparency and flexibility

Lambda256 has implemented flexible WFH and work hours from our inception, and our developers have an option of working from home two days a week. The office is also located 5 minutes from Gangnam Station Exit 1, the hub of transport in Seoul.

Our employees set specific goals and track their progress in the OKR method, sharing the entire process transparently through Notion and Slack. In the case of developers, we are using agile methods + TDD to drive our work.

Collaborative teams and leaders

CTO Oh Jae-hoon, who leads our team of developers, is an industry-renowned developer since his days at POSTECH. As the founder of NetThru, he is a leader in big data, log analysis and mining. He leads the development culture as a pioneer in the domestic TDD field.

Boseong Kim, CAO, has developed and operated large-capacity mobile services such as Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay on the Amazon Cloud at Samsung Electronics. Some of our team members have also led development on eBay, Tmax, etc. are together as colleagues, providing a breadth of industry experience.

In our Business and Strategy teams, we have leaders who hail from various global conglomerates.

Our leadership team

Jay Park, CEO of Lambda 256, has been working in the S/W field for 26 years and has managed companies of various sizes, including startups and large corporations.
He has integrated Java technology in Korea through Agenttech and Wisefree, as well as search engine/knowledge management engines. Since then, many services installed in current Galaxy phones such as Samsung Pay and Samsung Cloud/Big Data at Samsung Electronics.

Evan Park, COO, is also a serial entrepreneur who has run companies of various sizes, from the founding of a start-up called Eduflor and M&A to the management of YD Online, a KOSDAQ-listed company.

While Lambda256 may currently be smaller in size, it is led by a highly-experienced management team – taking on challenges with stability in mind.

Grow, learn, achieve breakthroughs, together.