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Luniverse Trace™​

Blockchain-based data verification service selected by over 150 enterprises in just two weeks of launch.
Safely and securely record on Trace™.

Over 1,400 enterprises are operating their services on Trace™.


Storing data on-chain

Over 20,000 cases of document fraud occur every year. Record transactions on an immutable ledger to keep safe from this issue.

No prior blockchain experience needed

Luniverse shatters barrier to entry for blockchain, enabling anyone to leverage the technology. 

A trustworthy framework for managing customer data

Data integrity

Securely store immutable data with a timestamp stored in each block. Build a trusted service with Luniverse.

Data history

Simply view data history through API calls. Safely manage your services through recorded data.

Data tracking

Track data across managed users. Group and track, sorting data by event or period.

Product Features

Luniverse Trace™️ is a blockchain-based data verification and tracking services managed through a console or API.  

Simplified data recording process

Track data with ease

Operate smarter with Luniverse Trace™️

Employee contracts

Manage employee contracts, nondisclosure agreements, PTOs and more.

Individual contracts

Manage contracts for trading unlisted stocks, second-hand markets.

Governmental contracts

Manage governmental real estate electronic contract systems, notrization services and more.

Service contracts

Record and manage contracts for car rentals and leases, phone bills and agreements.

Luniverse Trace™️
for financial services

Solution for trading unlisted shares

Trace has reinvented the trade process of unlisted stocks, where buyers and sellers are difficult to be trusted. All transactions are recorded on a blockchain through Trace, enabling security and immutability, therefore increasing trust. 

Thank you

An overwhelming support from over 150 enterprises in just two weeks of launch.
See and experience what sets  Luniverse Trace™ from others.