Luniverse 2022 Annual Report

Looking Back at 2022

2022 was a whirlwind for Web3, we saw people lose money and a number of big Web3 players go under. Among other things, inadequate infrastructure and poor management strategies were key to many accidents that occurred over the past year. However, despite a difficult year for Web3 users and companies, significant advancements and developments also took place. Many developers are investing time and resources into building during the crypto winter, to find solutions for issues that are hindering the growth of a safe and reliable Web3 ecosystem.

Luniverse has also been busy building, and experienced a fruitful 2022 full of exciting innovations and developments. This report sums up a few of our most important milestones and product launches, plus Luniverse’s big plans for 2023.

The above infographic sums up all the improvements and accomplishments that Luniverse made in 2022! We will address some of these points in more detail as part of the following sections but as you can see, Luniverse achieved significant growth over the last year. Some of the most notable stats are as follows:

  • Total sales increased by 3.6x from $2.24m to $8m
  • Total clients increased by 25% from 2,772 to 3,481 clients
  • More than a 50% increase in live chains from 50 to 79 chains
Keep reading to find out more about how Luniverse spent the last year improving and building our services!


New Luniverse Features & Services

Our team worked tirelessly throughout 2022 to plan and release a number of brand-new solutions and features. Let us introduce a few additions to our line-up of innovative products and services based on the Luniverse blockchain:

Luniverse Testnet Launch

One of our most exciting announcements last year was the launch of the Luniverse Testnet! The test environment is currently open for Web3 builders and developers to try out. The 60-day free trial allows you to take advantage of features and products offered by Luniverse, to see if our services are right for you. Users can deploy smart contracts, use Tx Action functions, issue and send tokens, as well as use our handy APIs.

We also released our first-ever community Webinar to introduce Luniverse and provide a demo of the Testnet. It’s available to watch below or on Luniverse’s YouTube channel. We’re planning to create more video content and Webinars in 2023, so be sure to follow our social media pages!

Luniverse Bridge Launch

In April, the Luniverse Bridge was announced, a service designed to allow assets based on the Luniverse blockchain to be easily transferred to other blockchains. The Bridge service makes moving digital assets convenient for users and developers, all with no gas fees and high performance. Currently, the bridge supports Ethereum and Klaytn, and we are adding more chains soon, including Solana, Polygon, and more!


Mainnet “The Balance” & “Tech Launchpad

In May Luniverse launched “The Balance”, a blockchain platform that functions like a cloud, where services can be borrowed without building a separate Mainnet. Companies looking to utilize blockchain services no longer need to worry about operating a Mainnet. Instead, they can focus on issuing and distributing the virtual assets needed to optimize their business. The Balance provides a reliable Layer 1 Mainchain, and scalable Layer 2 Sidechains that facilitate high availability and performance, with absolutely zero gas fees.

We also released the “Tech Launchpad”, an all-encompassing consulting service designed for companies that plan to enter the Web3 space. Businesses can receive consultations regarding all aspects of blockchain and Web3 integration including guidance on using blockchain technology, how to develop business models, types of technical strategies, as well as how to operate Web3 communities. We aim to lower the entry barrier, by offering tailored consulting from blockchain experts. We’re currently onboarding two exciting Metaverse projects, Openmeta City and Stelsi, look out for updates in the near future!



VerifyVASP is a Travel Rule solution for virtual asset service providers (VASPs). The Travel Rule requires regulated entities to ensure certain information about parties involved in transactions over a certain amount ‘travels’ with the transaction to the receiving entity. In 2021, the scope of regulation was updated to include many cryptocurrency and NFT businesses. In response Lambda256 partnered with VerifyVASP, to create a decentralized protocol that facilitates secure and immediate data sharing between VASPs.

VerifyVASP received massive interest from the get-go, hitting 1 million transactions just 86 days after launching in March. Then in November, the service crossed 2 million transactions and grew the alliance to 80 members. Finally, in December VerifyVASP passed the US$50 billion milestone for the value of virtual assets transferred using Travel Rule solutions. An amazing year, that can definitely be topped in 2023.


Luniverse NFT Developments

2022 saw many changes and developments in the world of NFTs and digital collectibles. Luniverse’s green NFT technology and robust infrastructure make it the perfect choice for NFT projects, especially for brands and individuals that are conscious about the environment. Here are some notable NFT projects from 2022 that are based on Luniverse!


CYPHRLY is a curated NFT marketplace that provides authentic digital collectibles created with cutting-edge technology. Following its launch in 2022, CYPHRLY has helped a number of IPs, brands, and creators enter the world of Web3 with NFTs designed by the talented in-house creative team. This is just the beginning, as users can look forward to more exciting partnerships that will be announced this year.


Momentica is a digital collectible platform that provides innovative fan-artist experiences for global music lovers. Currently, users can collect and trade digital collectibles from popular K-Pop artists such as ENHYPHEN, SEVENTEEN, LE SSERAFIM, and others. More diverse genres and artists are planned to join the platform soon.

Barunson E&A

In 2022 Lambda256 announced a partnership with Barunson E&A, the producers of critically-acclaimed “Parasite”, to build an NFT film community. Members will be able to enjoy the new project that uses NFTs to bring movie lovers together, as well as provide meaningful experiences and community events. Keep your eyes peeled for more details soon!

Partnerships & Awards

Some of our important milestones this year were pivotal in increasing Luniverse’s reputation as a reliable and sustainable blockchain. Listed below are some of the notable achievements made by Luniverse and Lambda256 in 2022:

  • In April, Luniverse received certification from DNV regarding its electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the Luniverse Mainnet, further solidifying our commitment to providing environmentally sustainable blockchain solutions.
  • Lambda256 announced some strong partnerships with influential brands such as Solana, LG U+, and Shinhan Investment & Securities. Check out our blog or join our Discord server for announcements and information about how these exciting new partnerships will develop in 2023.
  • Luniverse obtained the highest 1st grade of Good Software (GS) certification, administered by the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association in October. The test is based on items such as software functionality, reliability, efficiency, and usability. This certification will help assure users and enterprises that Luniverse will provide stable and verified services, as we strive to expand the Web3 and blockchain industry.
  • Finally, in December Lambda256 CEO Jay Park received an award from the Ministry of Science and Technology at Blockchain Grand Week. The award recognizes contributions to the spread of blockchain technology and the development of the industry. Our plans for 2023 will build on these efforts as we continue spreading Luniverse around the world!

Looking Ahead to 2023

We believe that 2023 will be the year that Web3 infrastructure grows more rapidly than ever, as companies and developers will be looking to build new, innovative Web3 solutions. As such, Luniverse will be expanding to enter the global Web3 community. We want to offer robust solutions for all enterprises and individuals looking to build in the Web3 space, so our 2023 upgrade to Luniverse NOVA will be open to developers very soon! More details about features and launch dates are coming soon, be sure to join our Luniverse community to be the first to find out.

We’re excited to show the world what Luniverse has to offer, and we also wish to thank you for your continued support of Luniverse and Lambda256. 

Join us for another explosive year of expansion and innovation!


Luniverse NOVA, the Web3 Development Platform, is Coming Soon!

Luniverse NOVA coming soon

Luniverse NOVA,
the most powerful Web3 Development Platform is Coming Soon

Dear Community,

We are excited to announce the release of Luniverse NOVA at the start of 2023. Luniverse NOVA, the web3 development platform of Luniverse, will bring a whole host of new features and improvements to the platform, making it even more reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

Some of the highlights of this version include:

  • Robust node service with enterprise-level node operation and security
  • Scalable developing tool with high interoperability on multiple chains including Ethereum
  • User-friendly API with advanced data indexing and refined/cultivated/clarified query statistics

We believe that these upgrades will make Luniverse NOVA an even more attractive platform for developers and enterprises alike, and we are confident that it will become a leading player in the industry. We invite you to join us on this journey as we strive to create a better, more innovative future. 

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Why Luniverse is focusing on Web3 Infrastructure in 2023

2022 was a rollercoaster ride for the Web3 blockchain industry. The collapses of major figures like FTX and Terraform Labs have swept over the entire crypto market, which raised the credibility issue across the industry. The market value also dropped from $2.9 trillion in November 2021 to around $800 billion a year later, accelerating the Crypto Winter.

On the other hand, the Web3 market has shown exponential growth. The increase of emphasis on digital utility and data security has expedited the expansion of the Web3 market, projecting the global Web3 blockchain market’s compound annual expansion rate at 44.9% from 2022 to 2030. Big brands like Starbucks have entered the Web3 market, and millions of developers are starting to adopt Web3 technology. In order to increase the security of data and reduce the hurdles for entering Web3, Luniverse presents its new version Luniverse NOVA with upgraded features.

The Evolution of Luniverse’s Blockchain Platform

Since the launch of Luniverse in 2019, Lambda256 has been leading the Web3 market with its top-notch blockchain services. It has supported the adoption of Web3 technology not only by Web2 companies but also by individual developers with its enterprise-class stability and reliability.

In 2023, Luniverse is undergoing a major update, providing a global multi-chain node service that will be opened in early 2023. Below is NOVA’s 2023 roadmap.

Join the Luniverse Discord to be the first to know about NOVA updates and release schedules. Here you can also get information about the latest blockchain and Web3 trends, and insights as well as discuss products with our community members!

Top 10 Blockchain Trends to Watch in 2023

Lambda256’s Blockchain Trend Insights for 2023 

2022 will likely be remembered for negative events that took place in the cryptosphere. High-profile incidents such as the FTX collapse and the LUNA crash impacted millions of users and caused them to reconsider the value of cryptocurrency, Web3, and blockchain. However, we believe it is time to separate cryptocurrency from the technology that underpins it, and put the spotlight on innovative solutions that can be created using blockchain. Developing blockchain applications and solutions creates invaluable use cases across a range of industries, that benefit economies and societies around the world.

Regardless of the state of crypto markets, blockchain technology isn’t going anywhere. In fact, experts predict that the industry will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years. So we’ve put together a quick rundown of the top ten blockchain market trends that you should be paying attention to in 2023.

1) Layer 2 for Mass Adoption of Web3

Many Layer 1 protocols still require developments in privacy, user experience, and scalability before they will be able to effectively support the mass adoption of Web3 and Web3 applications. For now, the Layer 2 ecosystem will be the backbone of 2023 consumer-oriented blockchain solutions. Applications that are not directly related to finance such as gaming and Metaverse platforms will most likely choose to utilize Layer 2 protocols, given that they will be looking to prioritize scalability while reducing costs and improving speed for the best user experience.

2) Problem-specific Web3 Solutions

Regardless of fluctuations in volatile cryptocurrency markets, businesses and developers are increasingly utilizing Web3 infrastructure to solve problems and transform industries. We can expect more problem-specific blockchain applications and solutions to appear and provide innovative ways to improve areas such as transparency, privacy, and data management. Examples of potential benefits are already being discussed in industries such as healthcare, where better patient data management across platforms can directly result in more accurate diagnoses, and more cost-effective care for both patients and institutions.

Blockchain, Web3, blockchain trends


3) Security Tokens

Security Tokens are digital assets that represent transferred ownership rights or asset value of a blockchain token. They work by combining stake principle with various benefits of the blockchain to provide more value to investors. Essentially they function the same way as a stock, bond, or certificate would in traditional investment. Security Token Offering (STO) is an alternative to Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that increases trust for investors since Security Tokens must comply with federal regulations. Many people lost faith in coin investments due to several incidents in 2022, so we expect more secure and regulated mechanisms to prevail in 2023.

4) Blockchain-as-a-Service

As more developers and businesses are looking to enter the growing Web3 market, user-friendly Blockchain-as-a-Service providers such as Luniverse will become essential for mass adoption. BaaS eliminates the need to maintain complex blockchain systems, giving businesses an accessible alternative to build decentralized applications, execute smart contracts, and utilize a variety of Web3 infrastructure. Global spending on blockchain solutions is set to increase in 2023, but in order for companies to successfully harness the full potential of blockchain, the dissemination of education and training regarding BaaS platforms will also be essential.

5) Alternative NFT Utility

With NFTs driven deep into bear markets, the craze of 2021 looks to be far behind us. However, we believe that the next wave will be led by big brands looking to drive customer engagement. Coffee behemoth Starbucks’ blockchain-based loyalty program “Odyssey” will launch in 2023; if it’s successful we will likely see a scramble as more corporate brands jump on board, introducing digital collectibles to all kinds of audiences. For example, the production company behind ‘Parasite’, Barunson E&A, has joined hands with Lambda256 to bring unique digital collectibles to movie lovers. 2023 may also see a rise in Phygital products, where real-life items are linked to digital counterparts. This can encourage consumers to venture into Metaverse territories with digitally wearable goods.

 6) Decentralized Identity (DID)

One core feature of blockchain is that it can offer a high degree of protection and safety of data. Along with the ability to verify a person’s identity, this significantly helps reduce the risk of fake or stolen information. Decentralized Identity services solve many issues faced by centralized technology, users can control their digital identity without a third party. They also allow businesses to verify the authenticity of an individual’s credentials instantly. Use cases for DID services are growing, alongside demand for user-friendly platforms that help companies deploy and manage DID systems. You can find out more about Luniverse DID solutions on our site.

7) Blockchain Interoperability

Blockchain interoperability has become an increasingly vital element of Web3 services. Allowing blockchain networks to exchange and leverage data to and from one another will lead to the creation of powerful new products and solutions that can harness the power of multiple chains at once. As interoperability improves, we expect to see developments in customizable Web3 services, multi-token transactions, and multi-token wallets. When data is easily transferable across chains, it can lead to collaborations between industries that wouldn’t normally interact. With blockchain, the possibilities are effectively endless.

8) Ethereum Momentum

Following the Merge in September 2022, Ethereum is now running on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. This move has decreased energy consumption dramatically, which will help to reduce some of the negative sentiments surrounding cryptocurrency. It will also likely put Ethereum on the radar of ESG investors and environmentally conscious corporate brands. The next hard fork is scheduled in the first half of 2023, which will allow staked Ether to be withdrawn. Provided everything goes well, the utility as a platform for staking innovation will likely continue to expand.

Ethereum, blockchain trends, blockchain, Ethereum merge

9) Crypto Regulation

Web3 users saw a number of high-profile crypto disasters in 2022, including the FTX collapse and the LUNA crash. This renewed concern about stability in the market and highlighted the need for more stringent regulations. In order to rebuild trust, legal frameworks and policies are expected to be introduced in 2023. As the world makes critical decisions about crypto regulation, unregulated exchanges and platforms may become subject to investigation. We hope these moves will increase security in Web3, and restore the faith of negatively impacted users.

10) Web3 Gaming

The Web3 gaming industry is definitely due for an upgrade. Play-to-Earn mechanisms have great potential, and blockchain can provide solutions for problems faced by gamers, especially regarding digital asset ownership. However, the quality of Web3 gaming projects is not yet up to par with recently released video games. We’re anticipating a new wave of high-quality Web3 gaming projects that combine the utility of blockchain with traditional gaming aesthetics.


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This list provides an overview of the blockchain trends we are most excited to watch develop over the next year. If you enjoyed this post, join our Discord and share your predictions for 2023 blockchain trends with our community. You can get insights into the latest blockchain trends, and find out what we’re building at Lambda256

‘Dead Sorcerer’s City’ NFTs to be released by Lambda256

‘Dead Sorcerer’s City’ NFTs to be released by Lambda256

Lambda256, the blockchain company of Dunamu, announced on the 12th that it will launch a non-fungible token (NFT) project based on the Webtoon “Dead Sorcerer’s City” by Carnby Kim.

“Dead Sorcerer’s City” digital collectible NFTs are based on the Webtoon IP of the same name. For this project, the main characters from the story have been redesigned and produced using 3D technology. The collectibles are planned to be released on Lambda256’s NFT marketplace CYPHRLY, with details regarding upcoming launch dates and the issue quantity to be announced later in the CYPHRLY Discord community.

The first NFT character from the project will be the main character from the Webtoon called ‘Crimson Robe’ – with other characters being revealed later on. The Crimson Robe NFT will come with special utilities, including project membership roles for holders, as well as access to future game characters and Metaverse avatars.

“Dead Sorcerer’s City” will also branch out into other kinds of cultural content outside of NFTs. Currently, an animation series based on the IP is in production, aiming to target global online video (OTT) services such as Netflix. In addition, there are also plans to produce games and release collaborations with fashion brands using this IP.

Naver Webtoon is a major company in the global Webtoon market, ranking 1st in many countries around the world, including the United States and Japan.

Webinar Recap: Luniverse 2022 NFT Demo Day

On February 25th, Luniverse team held an NFT webinar on the official Luniverse YouTube channel. Despite the webinar’s rich content, the global fans of Luniverse could not take advantage of it because of a language barrier. So, we will provide a summary of each of the four sections of the webinar for those who missed it.

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