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Lambda256 and YLab Signed the Agreement for K-Webtoon’s NFT business


‘Lambda256’, a blockchain tech arm of Dunamu, has signed a strategic business agreement with ‘Y Lab’, a webtoon production company.

Lambda256 and YLab will jointly promote the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) projects based on the webtoon IPs such as  <Jungle Juice>, <Housekeeper>, and <Kang Tau> that belong to the <Superstring> universe through this partnership. 

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The selected NFT projects will be promoted on CYPHRLY, Lambda 256’s NFT Market, to strengthen and attract global fandoms. Through Lambda256’s core blockchain technology and CYPHRLY’s NFT production technology such as 3D and LIVE NFT, the characters of YLab Webtoon will be presented to global fans.

In addition, we are also planning the physical goods project with YLab to provide a new experience that connects digital and real life using NFT as a catalyst.

Kim Ji-yeon, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Lambda256 said, “Lambda256 and YLab will be able to provide users with a new level of universe experience through NFT. In particular, with the differentiated technology of Lambda256 and CYPHRLY, I think the YLab universe will be upgraded in both real and digital space.”

YLab CEO Shim said, “We look forward to the collaboration of the superstring universe with Lambda256, which is pioneering in the industry. We hope everyone to get interested in how the various characters in the world will be realized as digital arts.”

About Luniverse

Luniverse, the consortium-based blockchain service platform, offers a development environment where anyone can easily create blockchain services. Some advantages of Luniverse include crosschain support and a layer2 solutions with high performance(+3,200 TPS) and low cost. 

Certified by DNV, Luniverse’s high energy-efficiency is made possible by a validation algorithm called LPoA (Luniverse Proof-of-Authority) behind the Luniverse Layer 2 sidechain, which produces 99.99% less energy than PoW based chains.Luniverse has provided NFT features  since 2021 along with DID, Trace, Point, wallets and all necessary tools for building Web3 services. It also supports ERC20 and ERC721 multichain bridge environment for Ethereum and Klaytn. Currently, +5,000 customers are using Luniverse, including Lotte Home Shopping, Hyundai Department Store, Mil.K, Aha, ZikTalk, Gluwa, Cherry, IDRT, and many more.

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