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Lambda256 introduces Luniverse at AWS Blockchain Day 2022


Nicole Cho, Global BD of Lambda256 presented “How We Built a Major Blockchain and NFT Platform on AWS Cloud” on AWS Blockchain Day 2022 held at AWS Startup Loft New York.

AWS Blockchain Day is a one-day event focusing on blockchain and ledger technologies with partners and clients who use AWS services. Lambda256 was invited as a partner among many of AWS experts, technology partners, and clients to introduce Luniverse and its use cases using AWS service application. Nicole Cho, the global business development manager fled to New York City to join this event, and presented “How Lambda256 developed a major blockchain and NFT platform with AWS”

Luniverse was introduced to 200 onsite attendees and online attendees worldwide – sharing its goal and service architecture, use cases, and roadmap. Here’s a short summary of the presentation.

Luniverse for Web 3.0 

Luniverse provides a full-stack blockchain platform with many prebuilt leading solutions, robust APIs, a developer-friendly interface, and continuous support with +4,000 clients from different industries with their successful web 3 business.

From Luniverse 1.0 to 2.0 and now to The Balance, we’ve improved our solutions and interoperability. We now support NFT, DID, RegTech, Trace, Point as prebuilt solutions, and Wallet will be added in the third quarter. And by building a bridge for token and NFT with other mainnets and marketplaces, crypto-assets can be transferred and exchanged.

NFT Use Cases 

We provided Upbit NFT minting and marketplace development platform and tools to develop Upbit NFT’s own marketplace. Also, Candy Plus, a camera application with more than 28 million installs, wanted to engage with users by giving them the option to mint the photos into NFT and sell them in the marketplace. For them, we provided business strategies and side-by-side support for the service development.

Luniverse stands by three 0s

Luniverse’s accident rate is zero since its launch in 2018. With help from cloud infrastructure automation tools and automation of operation and monitoring provided by AWS, we have been able to increase agility and visibility to prevent accidents. 99% of our infrastructure is automated.

And thanks to multi-layer architecture, we provide a DApp running environment that requires zero gas fee.

0.000008 TERAWATT is how little luniverse consumes per year compared to 28 TWH ETH consumes. Which was verified by DNV this April, we take pride in being the green mainnet saving the environment.

Luniverse Ecosystem

In the latest Luniverse ecosystem, we have BaaS clients who utilize our side chain and dapp development platform, and validators for the Luniverse consortium mainnet, The Balance.

On The Balance, tech launchpad clients join as a side chain but if they would like to create their own ecosystem, they can also act as their own mainnet and add side chains.

As of now for token bridge, we are connected to ETH and in the works of building a bridge to Klaytn. For NFT bridge, we are connected to Upbit NFT and will be launching our own NFT Marketplace named Cyphrly soon.

It is our goal to continue to evolve and expand. We are collaborating with major mainnets and NFT marketplaces to support Luniverse ecosystem. Stay tuned for our updates!




Luniverse NFT

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