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Lambda256, New NFT Business Plan Revealed in HYNFT NYC 2022


Lambda256, which operates Luniverse, announced plans to support new NFT businesses and global artists at the “HYNFT 2022″ event in New York on June 21st.

HYNFT is a networking event where Korean and global NFT artists, collectors, writers, influencers, and community members interact to mark the 2022 NFT NYC in New York. At HYNFT, hosted by Korean NFT, Lambda256 participated as a sponsor to allow more Korean and global NFT artists to onboard on Web3.0. At Lambda 256, CSO Kim Ji-Yeon and Kim Sung-hwan, in charge of new business, participated as speakers online and announced plans to support global NFT artists.


NFT Project with Lambda256

The NFT project that Lambda 256 is aiming for is offline and IP expansion. While Luniverse’s multi-chain mainnet, “The Balance,” released in May, emphasizes blockchain technology support for Web 3.0 commercialization, the new NFT project, which was unveiled through this announcement, aims to promote support for global projects and artists in the NFT field.

Lambda256 announced various support plans in the digital and offline fields in addition to supporting NFT-issuing technology infrastructure through NFT technology of its own developed blockchain Luniverse. First, in the digital field, NFTs such as webtoons, animations, short-form videos, and metaverse can be changed to intellectual property rights to allow digital expansion. Lambda256 also revealed plans to support offline. To enjoy various NFTs that existed only online, we plan to support NFT experience spaces that NFT holders can experience directly through real goods products, fashion, and exhibitions.

The art in Web 3.0 is taking a different approach from Web 2.0 and is becoming a whole new area. Art in Web 3.0 expects infinite expansion into digital media content such as short forms, webtoons, and movies in the future as an original IP. Lambda256 is planning a project to popularize NFT, which existed only online, through offline and IP expansion, and to connect Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Lambda256 is looking for NFT artists and communities! We are actively recruiting global NFT projects and artists, so if you are interested in NFT support, please apply by email (

About Luniverse

Lambda256, a leading global BaaS(Blockchain-as-a-service) provider, has built, deployed, and managed large blockchain networks through its flagship platform, the Luniverse Console, with more than 2,000 enterprise customers. Luniverse has supported companies realize and adopt the value of blockchain through a series of solutions, including NFT, DID, Trace™, Point, etc.

Experience the Luniverse multi-chain NFT service now, You can mint and manage NFT on Luniverse with the bridge and wallet services provided.

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