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NFT marketplace on Luniverse blockchain “Cyphrly” to launch in 2022


Dear Luniverse Comuunity,

We are excited to announce the first global NFT marketplace based on our Luniverse blockchain: “Cyphrly.”

In 2021, Lambda256 unveiled ‘Luniverse NFT’ — a fully-integrated NFT service that streamlines operations for NFT marketplaces and wallet providers. The platform is highly programmable and interoperable, but more importantly certified green. Luniverse’s high energy-efficiency is envisioned by a validation algorithm called LPoA (Luniverse Proof-of-Authority) behind the Luniverse sidechain, a system that produces 99.99% less energy than that of energy-intensive systems like Ethereum. With Luniverse’s proprietary NFT technology, Lambda256 has been at the forefront of the NFT landscape in South Korea, with the launch of Upbit NFT in partnership with Dunamu, and in the production of NFTs, with K-pop girl group Brave Girls.


Cyphrly is planning its launch in Q2 of 2022, with additional details yet to be announced. 

Stay tuned in our official channel for more updates!




Luniverse, the sustainable future for NFTs 


Mint, deploy, and sell NFTs without leaving a carbon footprint. 

An efficient and ecologically sound solution, Luniverse’s Proof-of-Authority(LPOA) consensus algorithm addresses the environmental concerns tied to NFTs, leading to 99.99% greater energy efficiency than that of proof-of-work based networks like Ethereum. 

Creativity should be a force for good – it shouldn’t carry a hefty burden on out planet. 

If you’d like to try our NFT service, contact us via


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